best 20 Kinds of Undercut Hairstyle for Men

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best 20 Kinds of Undercut Hairstyle for Men

The undercut is one of the trending hairstyles today. The cut looks youthful and flexible which can go well with any type of hair. Whether it is the curly, wavy, or straight type, this hairstyle can integrate well to give you a stunning look. The main feature of this type of hairstyle is the sharp contrast between the shaved sides and the huge top. Undercut hairstyle can be mixed with other haircuts to produce the style of your choice. Below are all kinds of undercut hairstyle for men 

1. Disconnected Undercut:


This undercut hairstyle involves sudden break between the shaved sides and the long hair on top. You can emphasize this appearance by breaking between the two by shaving a line along disconnect. You will get a stunning look that can be great for males venturing into the fashion world.

HOW TO: Disconnected Undercut:

2. Side Part Undercut:

This undercut hairstyle is similar to side-swept undercut with the difference being your does not have to be too long. You can mix it with a disconnected undercut to get a lovely look. 

3. Slicked Back Undercut:

This kind of undercut hairstyle requires you to have long hair which can be combed straight backward. Use a quality hair product to make the longer proportions move up to top. You should use lusterless hair styling gel for a modern look.


4. Side Swept Undercut:

This kind of undercut hairstyle is similar to the above with the only difference being the hair is parted to the side in this case. You will get a refined and stylish formal appearance. Your hair should be relatively longer than the one in the above type.

HOW TO: Side Swept Undercut:

5. Ceaser Undercut:

This undercut hairstyle involves a short length and small fringe to get an incredible look. Although Ceaser hairstyle may be old fashioned, when combined with a trending undercut gives you a striking look.

HOW TO: Ceaser Undercut:

6. Long Hair Undercut:

This undercut hairstyle involves combing long, untamed hair on top to make a stunning look. If you have a long hair that may seem to be unkempt, this is the undercut to go for. It will give your hairstyle.

7. Layered Undercut:

Layered undercut hairstyle offers you something different from the typical undercut styles. It makes your hair seem full and deep. The layers amplify your locks which makes your hair seem voluminous.

8. Short Undercut:

This is the kind of undercut hairstyle for those with short hair. All you need is shave your sides in a rocking way to get a trendy contrast with this style. Combing your hair backward can be difficult since you will not have enough weight like that offered by long hair. This makes this kind of undercut hairstyle more compatible with a full style like forward-swept.

9. Half Pony Undercut:

If you want to tame your long hair but still want to retain your undercut, this is the style to go for. Half pony is a great way to tame your long hair in a modern way where you will get an edgy but restrained look for your long locks.

10. Undercut with Dreadlocks:

If you want to make your dreadlocks look manageable and stylish, this is the undercut style to choose. You can opt to keep your dreads hanging loose to one side or wear or tie them to form a bun or ponytail.

HOW TO: Undercut with Dreadlocks:

11. Straight Undercut:

This kind of undercut hairstyle works best for the straight hair type. It involves cutting your hair into an undercut and then comb it smoothly backward. It does not involve a lot of preparing which can go well for those with little or no time in the morning. You will get a sharp appearance without the need for any texture.

HOW TO: Straight Undercut:

12. Silver Fox Undercut:

This is the right choice for the men with grey hair. It involves mixing it with stylish slicked-back style to give you a polished appearance. You will turn heads with this kind of undercut hairstyle.

13. Hard Part Undercut:

This is a modern and statement-making undercut hairstyle that can be a good match for the men with an anxious altitude. It involves combining an undercut with a hard part where you have to adjust the thickness of the hard part and undercut length to make it suit how strong you want it to look. One can mistake it for the side part undercut from a distance but will look bolder in close proximity. 

HOW TO: Hard Part Undercut:

14. Undercut Blowout:

This undercut hairstyle involves styling your hair on top of your head. All you need is to wash your hair and dry it lightly with a bath towel. Blow dry it while directing strands up and back using a round brush. Shape it with a gel and apply hairspray to finish and get a stunning look. 

HOW TO: Undercut Blowout:

15. Curly Undercut:

If you have a curly hair type, this is the kind of undercut hairstyle to go for. This will give you stylish appearance while at the same time giving you control of your curls. It involves concentrating your natural volume and texture on top where you will get a smart look.

HOW TO: Curly Undercut:

16. Pompadour Undercut:

This undercut hairstyle enables you to bring the 50s look into present times. It involves voluminous and rockabilly pompadour where it works best if your locks are long. This undercut hairstyle gives you a stylish and slick appearance to your length. You need to use a gel product to get a wet-appearance and strong-hold.

HOW TO: Pompadour Undercut:

17. Forward-Swept Undercut:

If you are looking for a smart look for your short hair, this is your undercut hairstyle. You need to use dull hair product to give this look an interesting texture. You should use a consistent length across the top if you have not fringed for a while. 

18. Man Bun with Undercut:

If you have a beard, Man Bun with an undercut can be a great way to give you a sleek and desirable style. It will be a great chic take on the fashionable undercut hairstyle.

HOW TO: Man Bun with Undercut:

19. Undercut with Bangs:

With undercut styles being so popular nowadays, you might need some additions to make you unique from others. Adding bangs can be good way to achieve this where you will have a fashion-forward touch to your hairstyle. You should ensure your face suits this kind of undercut hairstyle before trying it.

20. Temple Undercut:


This is the kind of undercut hairstyle for those that do not want to shave their underside completely. All you need is a shorter hair around the temple which leaves the hair behind the ears and back of the head. At the end of it you will be having a fashionable look.

The above are the various kinds of undercut hairstyle. Pick one to get a rocking look.