20 Trendy Low Fade Haircut Ideas for 2018

March 09, 2018 0 Comments

20 Trendy Low Fade Haircut Ideas for 2018

It at times appear as though women have more fun choosing stylish hair colors and cuts compared to men. Fortunately, men today have many styles to choose from—all of which provide for great individualism. The styles available today, such as the low fade haircut, are not only trendy and artistic, but they also make the weekly trip to the stylist worthwhile. 

The low fade haircut can best be described as a lasting style that only gets better with time. Its origins can be traced back to its 80’s greatness, although it has undergone some changes over the years to produce the more hipster vibe being practiced today. But one thing is clear; the low fade haircut is not going anywhere anytime soon. The following are great low fade haircut ideas for 2018:

1. Low Haircut with a Tapered Fade: 


For men that have been blessed with extremely thick locks, this low fade haircut enables them to display the locks with a blowout achieved by scrubbing very moist hair during the drying process. If the hair is likely to frizz, you can pair the diffuser with a dryer.

2. Low Skin Fade:


Any hair type can successfully pull off this undercut—be it with waves or straight hair. Request your barber to cut your hair forward. This means that the finished look will show off the bottom engrossed style while framing your forehead.

3. Upper Top Tapered Low Fade:


Often described as a pompadour style, it looks great on all kinds of hair. Here, you need to brush your hair while it is still wet, and then finish off by using a holding gel. The fade will start immediately at your temples, blur your ear line and then start a descent towards your facial hair.

4. Coarse Upper Low Fade Haircut:


A fade cut needs to be sculpted very cautiously to ensure that it complements its wearer. For men who prefer to maintain long hair, they can easily be able to keep thick tufts while at the same time benefitting from faded sides in the region above their ear lines. This can be accompanied by a sculpted beard.

5. Neat Comb Over Fade: 


Haircuts that have been parted at the sides are simple to maintain, classy, and often pair well with a beard. For this kind of low fade haircut, you should ask the barber to style thin hair in the area between your temples. You may also need to acquire a holding gel to help you look good all day.

6. Low Neck Fade:

Low bald cuts do not necessarily signify an attempt to cover up balding in men. However, it means that all hair will be cleared away from the neck region. Consult with the barber on your desired cut before having a smooth shave at the back to accomplish a clean, and crisp look.

7. Burst Fade for Long Haired Men:


For men who prefer to maintain long hair, the low fade haircut will still be a great addition to the existing mane. When you maintain a long mane on your head, you can use the subtle side shave to connect the thick facial hair. The styling trick here will be to ensure the bottom remains tidy as the top is allowed to flow freely.

8. Simple Fade Cut:


You do not need to take your hair through drastic changes for it to look amazing. You can still be able to spruce up your image by opting for a simple short haircut accompanied by a basic shave. Request the stylist to give you a low fade haircut

9. Low Slanting Fade Haircut for Men with Curly Hair:


This is a great go-to fade for men with naturally curly hair. By engraving strong lines across this low taper fade, you will end up with a sharp cut and curl design.

10. Burst Fade with a Pompadour:


Why not flaunt full head of hair? A low shadowed fade cut will provide for a thriving average textured hair as long as it is paired with all the right styling products. You need to brush the hair back and use a light gel to secure it.

11. Low Fade to High Spike:

Spiked hair normally pairs up perfectly with a top to low fade cut. Beginning with thick, but small uneven layers, your hair starts a deep descent before becoming dark for a sculpted mustache and beard. Ensure you do not go overboard with the styling products.

12. Full Beard with a Temple Fade:


This is a vintage look that extends beyond your everyday low fade haircut. It is recommended for men who have thick heads of hair. Works well with a heavily beaded look that has been slightly thinned out in some areas. It is a great blend of past and present looks that you can rock with pride.

13. Artistic Low Fade Haircut Design:


If you are looking for something that is truly unique, consider going for the burst fade that comes with a design above your ears. Professional stylists can produce any image that you desire. You, therefore get to express yourself using shaved art.

 14. Low Cut Fade Haircut for Curly Haired Men:


Men with curly hair and who may be willing to try out a new style will not be disappointed that they tried this style out. Following your hair waves or curls natural direction, your fade will start low, and will maintain a certain thickness and texture level that will help ensure that everything appears full but with a clean cut.

15. Natural Hair Lined Up Fade:


This is a perfect choice for men with black hair. They are similar to Military Haircut It should be closely cut, and neatly sheared into sharp curves and points. A key bonus of this low fade haircut is that it requires minimal maintenance.

16. Low Fade Style for Men with Thick Hair:


Men with thick hair will also find that a fade can be very appealing. Lush hair allows you to flaunt the up top. The low top fade assists in providing an appearance of health and volume. Request the barber to fade your hair subtly. This will provide prominence to the full upper part.

17. Curls with a Low Fade Cut:


You can easily pair curls with this trendy fade cut. However, the best way to make a statement is by designing the neckline. Ask the stylist to cut your hair to medium length, and the hairline to be faded and lined up.

18. 360 Waves with Neck and Temple Fade:


If you have thinning hair, you can attract attention to it using a fade. If torn between a high fade and a low fade, go for the low fade haircut. The hair fade will make your hair appear thinner.

19. Low Fade Fauxhawk:


Have you been looking for a bold and memorable haircut? Well, why not try out the new, and redesigned fauxhawk. It comes with an upper section that is a bit overstated, as well as a zigzag line drawn from the top all the way to the jawline section.

20.The Clean Cut Fade Hairstyle: 


Synonymous with boys, this hair cut is a timeless look. You can easily modernize this look with facial hair and a clean low cut. Use a holding gel to brush the hair back, and if necessary use a hairdryer to emphasize its romantic vibe.

How To Do A Low Fade Haircut: