7 best men's deodorant for sensitive skin: The Top Reviews

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7 best men's deodorant for sensitive skin: The Top Reviews

Whether due to heat, stress or hyperactive sweat glands, sweating is never very pleasant and can quickly turn into a nightmare in case of excess. Applying deodorant is just as much part of the beauty routine as brushing your teeth.

What are deodorants?
Deodorants are cosmetic products that mask body odor or reduce perspiration. They are available in a wide variety of varieties, as a pen, roller, lotion, powder, aerosol and pump spray

How do deodorants work?
In principle, they can be divided into two groups. First, those who whitewash the body odor - that is, classic deodorants. And secondly, those who prevent us from sweating under the arms - they are called antiperspirants. They tighten the skin and close the sweat pores.

What are deodorants made of?
In addition to the respective preparation bases, which are different in spray, pen and scooter (for example water, alcohol, waxes), as well as fragrances and care substances, deodorants contain different active ingredients. The most important are:
1. Odor maskers such as synthetic fragrances or natural essential oils.
2. Germ-inhibiting agents that control the growth of bacteria responsible for the odor.
3.sweat inhibitors that affect the activity of sweat glands.
4.Odor absorbers are substances that neutralize odors.
5.Antioxidation, which control the oxidation processes with the smell formation

Top men's deodorant for sensitive skin

Reliable overnight protection - The Dove Men + Care Deodorant is applied to cleansed skin in the evening and works during the night. In the morning, normal showering or washing can be done without losing its effect. By dispensing with perfume or other fragrances, this little helper is particularly skin-friendly and suitable for allergy sufferers.
Easy to dose, pleasantly cool when sprayed on, pleasant fragrance. Suitable design for the football year. The only disturbing factor: the white residue on the skin and clothing.
Smells? Pleasantly fresh, sporty, slightly spicy. Irritating? No skin reactions, very well tolerated.
Acts? Great effect against odor and moisture throughout the day. Even when running the Rexona Sport has reduced moisture and odor, completely prevents probably almost no deodorant under intense stress the sweat.

2.Sam's Natural Deodorant Stick.

The Sam's Natural Deodorant protects men reliably and effectively against perspiration. The skin feels pleasantly fresh and smells aromatic and masculine all day long.
Works 100% throughout the day, even in squash, sweat and odor are greatly reduced.
Smells? Barely perceptible, very pleasant, slightly perfumed. Irritating? Not at all. No skin reactions, I tolerated it very well.
Acts? Keeps great even in humid weather, no sweat smell and much less sweat stains.

This deodorant is ultra-functional and brings six advantages. It is supposed to help against the sweat as well as against its odor, have an anti-bacterial effect, bring extra freshness and prevent white and yellow spots - a complete multiple protection so no matter in which situation.
Great, absorbs quickly. No marks on the clothes. The only point of criticism: huge spray cloud when applying, that is not so good in the sports changing room, for example. There may be use the roll-on.
Smells? Pleasant - even after a few hours.
Irritating? The anti-perspirant without alcohol is well tolerated nothing burns or itches.
Acts? Neither sweat smell nor sweat stains - very convincing!


This deodorant even works against heavy sweating and prevents unpleasant odors. A special composition narrows the pores and thus regulates perspiration in the long term.
The silver molecules actually appear to reduce sweating. Smells good and keeps you dry and fresh for a long time. The design is a little bit '90s, but somehow quite good.
Smells? Pleasantly fresh, a bit like shower gel.
Acts? Great. With that, the others do not go around even with sports. No sweat odor and underarm wetness
Irritating? Not at all - I had no skin problems. However, the antiperspirant makes the typical white spots under the armpit when spraying.
is significantly reduced.

5.Every Man Jack Deodorant.

For men who do not want to work up a sweat even in stressful situations, Every Man Jack Deodorant contains two anti-perspirant ingredients in one deodorant. Antibacterial zinc additives are designed to protect against underarm wetness and body odor for 48 hours. Avocado oil provides a pleasant skin sensation.
Survives every spontaneous party! The spraying gives a real freshness kick. Great effect, good price.
Smells? Intense and pleasant, but extremely fresh? Well ...
Irritating? Not a bit. It is wonderfully cool, refreshing and is quickly absorbed.
Acts? Great. Even after sports and gardening, I could not smell sweat or spots.

6.Anthony Logistics for Men Alcohol Free Deodorant.

Better effects, long lasting freshness and no residue in the underarm area of the garments promise the revised formulas of Anthony Logistics for Men Alcohol Free Deodorant technology releases odor neutralizers with a time delay and is therefore designed to protect against body odor even for 96 hours. The new, dynamic fragrance is also available as a deodorant stick: it has a fresh, invigorating, woody-aromatic fragrance and promises reliable protection for dynamic men.


If this is not a kick of freshness: JACK BLACK PIT BOSS cools the skin with the active ingredients menthol and mineralite when applied by 4 degrees Celsius. In addition, the anti-perspirant should protect against unpleasant odors and embarrassing sweat spots for up to 72 hours.
Nourishing deodorant stick with the aromatic-masculine fragrance. The striking gin chords, iris and black wood notes of the Davidoff perfume smell more discreet in the deodorant than in the toilet water - ideal for the summer! Because at hot temperatures, it may develop too intense a scent on the body.
How dangerous are men's deodorant for sensitive skin?
Some people are hypersensitive to certain ingredients. Of course, this is different for each individual. Certain substances, eg. As aluminum chloride and parabens are suspected to cause cancer

How dangerous are men's deodorant for sensitive skin with aluminum ?
Antiperspirants contain low-dose aluminum salts. They are suspected of causing breast cancer. There are more and more aluminum-free deodorants on offer in the drugstores.

Are there alternatives to the antiperspirant?
Deodorants with aluminum compounds are currently the only conventional method against heavy sweating that really works. Alternatives are merely medical therapies with tablets, Botox injections or painful interventions.

How often should you use deodorant?
A normal deodorant can be used every day. With freshly shaved armpits, it does not matter to give up a deodorant for about six hours. Especially if it contains alcohol. Anyone who has doubts about the aluminum compounds, swears on its effect, it should at least not use daily and only in small quantities

When should I apply the deodorant?
Antiperspirants that work with aluminum are best worn in the evening. At night the sweat glands are less active. Thus, the antiperspirant active ingredients can penetrate better in the sweat ducts and act on the coming day. Deodorants that neutralize odors are applied in the morning. As already written: do not use deodorant and antiperspirant on freshly shaven armpits.

When should I wash myself before use?
Deodorants do not cover the old sweat, they only work with new ones. Once the skin bacteria have managed to break down the sweat under their armpits and cause an unpleasant odor, no deodorant in the world will help. Therefore: first clean armpits, let dry and then apply the deodorant.

Spray, scooter or stick?
The most popular are still classic sprays. Their popularity can be explained by the fact that they leave no wetness or a sticky film on the skin. In addition, they have a cooling, refreshing effect when spraying. In sensitive individuals, the fine particles can irritate the bronchi superficially, which experts consider harmless.

What if I forgot my deodorant?
No question, an unfavorable situation, especially if a business appointment or a date is imminent. The first rule, wash the armpits briefly with hand soap and water. This helps to get rid of the first smell. But so that the newly gained freshness also remains, baking soda can also be a good substitute. The alkaline properties of the all-round-talented baking ingredient reduce the pH of the body parts, which are particularly sweaty and thus act against odor, and also absorbs baking soda moisture. Just mix a teaspoon of baking soda with a cup of water, done