39 best man bun styles & You should know

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best man bun styles & You should know

The man bun styles are slowly getting popular on red carpet events, runways, and even professional setups. 
More men are picking up the trend as days go by with some influence coming from celebrities like Brad Pitt 
and Jared Leto, who have been frequently spotted rocking this incredible hairstyle.

A man bun style is created by pulling hair into a pony and then looping it into a bun. It is a masculine twist on the female bun, with some men pulling the entire hair while others just the top. This style can be pulled according to one's preferences but most men prefer the bun on the nape or the crown. Since its popularity, it has developed many names, with some people calling it the hipster bun while others calling it the bro bun; some even refer to it as just the 'mun'.

For you to rock one of the incredible man bun styles, you need to have fairly long hair. If you have short hair, it will take you about 9 months of hair growth to reach a full bun, which is about 8 inches of hair. However, you could also rock a semi bun with just about 4 inches of hair pulled at the crown or nape. Caution should be taken while you are growing your hair for a man bun, as this style requires well-groomed hair that is aesthetically appealing. You need to be careful on the products you use, they should be compatible with your hair.

The man bun can be styled in many ways, you just need an elastic band and the rest is just up to your preferences. Here are the different types of man bun styles.

1. Long hair classic full bun.


This is the most iconic of all man bun styles. Its simplicity makes it the most sought-after man bun. All it needs is just for someone to grow long hair, preferably 8 or 9 inches, and then just pulling it at the top of the head or crown.

2. Simple man bun with a fade line up.

This is a very confident hairstyle. It is basically achieved by having the bun at the top of the head and shaving the sides. A blunt line up with a well groomed clean beard can be a perfect compliment to the hairstyle.

3. Long braids tied back with fade.


This man bun style portrays an artistic edge for the adventurous individuals. It is achieved by getting long braids and then tying them at the top of the head in a half ponytail bun with a neat and clean under shave all the way around. 

4. Thick man bun style with a lineup. 


Most of the mn bun styles go well with a beard and this is one of them. One needs to have dense hair to perfectly pull off this style. This is just like the long hair classic full bun but with dense hair and an undercut with clean straight lines. 

5. The casual man bun style. 


This is a rockstar-inspired style with an undercut which gives a refined look. The long hair and sloppy bun make the protruded hair lengths stand out. A long beard would magnify the level of interest in this style.

6. Wavy hair swirled bun. 


This style is mostly worn by busy men who do not have time for fancy haircuts. The hair is just pulled into a swirly bun and that's it. Although it may sound rugged, it can be rather sexy. 

7. High man bun with a design. 


This style is composed of a shaggy knot with a skin fade and a unique cut (design). There are a lot of barbers out there who are good at creating a design cut for you.

8. The Samurai bun.


This is an Asian vibe style which creates a long-lasting impression. It is a well structured tight loop with a high fade. It also has a blunt but neat line-up which heightens the style.

9. A high bun with shaved sides.


This looks like one of the many versions of the Mohawk style. It features a neatly buzzed V cut with the bun standing in the middle.

10. The Asian High bun with a tail undercut.


This is one of the man bun styles which is very easy to achieve, it just needs dense hair. It is just a simple long bun with a tail and an undercut.

11. The Crown bun with a straight line.


This was one of the trendsetters of man bun styles with the bun located perfectly at the crown. It features perfect contour lines which compliment the shape of the face.

12. The semi bun rebellion

This is an intricate design of the man bun with a high fade and a line up. The semi bun features design cuts all way around the head.

13. Weaved man bun.



This unique style is composed of shiny french braids and cornrows running towards the crown. The compact bun is separated from the fade by a neat undercut. The braids in this style are really eye-catching.

14. The messy hipster sock bun.


This is one of the different man bun styles for long hair. It is an easy one which just involves the hair strands sticking out of the topknot at the crown. This look seems very natural and laid back.

15. Man-bun taper cut style with short sides


For the men with long hair who are thinking of rocking one of these styles, consider a taper cut with the hair gradually decreasing in length. If you are thinking of upgrading the style you can just add a unique cut design.It can be a unique carved pattern or just a simple line. You will need to shave off most of your lower hair; short sides with long tops are the trend and importantly it will make the hair have a low maintenance cost.

Men have proved that buns are not just for the ladies. More men are every day pulling this style off with ease and confidence. The man bun being a versatile hairstyle, it gives your look a certain edge and also leaves a
lasting impression on the people you interact with. Let the above options guide you in choosing the appropriate man bun style that would fit your hair type and face.

What is a Man Bun?

The fashion industry has experienced a radical change over the years with a lot of new styles being incorporated in the Man Bun Style. The man bun, also known as a top knot. A Man Bun is a man's hairstyle in which
the hair is coiled and held at the top of the head, forming a bun.

This style has gained popularity especially among celebrities and models like Jason Momoa of Game of Thrones and Jake Gyllenhaal who have successfully paired up the look with a neat beard, acquiring a more dignified look.

How to Grow a Man Bun?

Getting to pull out this look involves a simple procedure of growing your hair into the desired length depending on the desired look. Patience is a very important virtue that a person desiring to pull this look must acquire. Hair grows at different rates in different people, with most hair growing at roughly half an inch monthly. It is during this phase that patience comes in as one has to wait for the hair to grow into a reasonable length. The man bun also favors men who have a thing for dreads as the look also comes out clearly. The Man Bun should, however, be taken good care
of by applying relevant hair food.

Another important factor to consider is the setting of a good foundation. The shape you start with while growing your hair will determine how your hair grows out. Ensure that your hair grows uniformly especially at
the top as this helps one to acquire a tidy bun. During the growth phase, avoid using too much heat on your hair as this makes it susceptible to breakage.

How to get the Man Bun?

There are different methods that can be used to tie a bun, ranging from pull-through method, the half up man bun, the dreadlock man bun, messy, undercut man bun, low man bun among others. The pull through method is basically the simplest method as it only involves forming a ponytail and safely securing the loop of hair with an elastic band. The last twist of hair is then rolled and fixed into the pony tail to form a bun. The pull-through method is different from other buns in that it can also work with short hair.

The half-up bun, as the name suggests, only involves tying about half of the man's hair with loose ends pointing down using the pull-through method, leaving the other half to fall back. This method also helps in keeping

hair out of the face without necessarily pulling all of it backwards. The low man bun is also a simple look that is tied at the back of the head just above the nape and is the best for a casual look.

The messy style, on the other hand, is a somewhat untidy bun tied up especially when going to the gym. In the case of the dreadlock man bun, the locs are neatly tied into a loose or tight knot and secured with a piece of cloth.

The Origin of the Man Bun?

The man bun can be traced back to the 16th century in Japan, as the traditional hairstyle (Chonmage) for the Samurai
warriors and as a symbol of the warrior class. During the Edo period, the Japanese used chopsticks to secure their hair as elastic bands were still underway. The man bun later had its comeback in 2013 as a common trend in the Western
culture and has since then been adopted by both American and British celebrities as an alternative of the ponytail.

Why the Man Bun Hairstyle is so Popular?

Research has shown that the man bun became so popular due to man's necessity to hide bald patches on his head, while still achieving a presentable look. If the bun is positioned in the right way, it becomes so hard for one to notice any traces of baldness whatsoever. While others rejoice in the bun being their savior, other men debate that the hairstyle can lead to very complicated health conditions such as traction alopecia, especially if the hair is tied too tight. Anytime you see a man bun, know that there are many explanations tied to it such as those of fighting baldness

Celebrities who tried this look also influenced their fans to try it, therefore, evangelizing it into different parts of the world and causing a greater surge of interest in early 2014.

How to get the Top Knot?

For a top knot to be achieved, the hair on the top of the head that is to be tied should at least be between 6 to 8 inches as this length holds up the bun without necessarily forcing one to pull out the undercut man bun. The top knot is best tied with a short hair clipper as this holds up all the hair.

How to style and Maintain a Man Bun?

A man bun can be worn in many ways
depending on the man's tastes and preferences. It doesn't necessarily have to be plainly tied high on the head or lower towards the neck. Different styling techniques can be used such as those of an undercut, a low fade or shaved sides. Adding an undercut not only creates a lot of attention on the head, but also highlights this trend. One can also decide to go for the shaved sides or back and then pull the hair into a high bun up top depending on the desired result.

The man bun fade, on the other hand, tapers the hair down to the skin, therefore, raising the hairline ensuring that clean cut edges are achieved. Maintenance of the bun is also important as anything you do will affect how your bun will look. A clean and dry hair should always be maintained. A man bun should be conditioned and oiled frequently so as to prevent the scalp from drying up. A hairspray can also be used where one intends to maintain a tidy bun.

Requirements for a Man Bun?

Man-bun styles have only one main specification and that is long hair. Depending on the type of man bun to be achieved, a minimum length of about 6 to 8 inches of hair is required. For a full bun, a minimum length of about 10 inches is required. This length makes it easier to twist the loop of hair before tying it with an elastic band or clippers.


The man bun is a hair style trend that has gained popularity among some cultures with other cultures detesting it greatly. You can start growing your hair for the man bun styles. If your hair is already long, you are good to go.