6 best Beard shampoos & All About Beard Shampoo

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6 best Beard shampoos & All About Beard Shampoo

Beard defines your masculinity to the world. The best beards are not born; they are groomed, bred, and maintained. In fact, a well-groomed beard not only makes men appear stylish, but also indicates your confidence, dedication, and discipline. Before you apply oil or butter to your beards or even pull out the trimmer, you require a beard shampoo. Like any other perfect hygiene, excellent beard maintenance begins in the shower. In this review, we have provided you with not only the six main beard shampoo or washer which will keep your beard looking fresh but also a step by step guide on how to wash your beards. 

Top six best Beard shampoos 

Professor Fuzzworthy Beard Shampoo is considered to be the first beard washer on the market. It's 100 percent natural washer rich in castor oil and olive, honey, and Leatherwood beeswax. It thoroughly cleans your beard leaving them fluffy, healthy as well as shiny. Professor Fuzzyworthy beard shampoo consists of pure and anti-itching essential oils mainly Lavender and Tasmania's Kunzea which also keep your beard smooth and fresh. 

Using this beard shampoo is simple and straightforward. Just wet you're your beard and work bar with them using your fingers to form a rich lather. Massage them for about two minutes followed by thoroughly rinsing using water. For achieving most excellent results, you can follow Professor Fuzzyworthy beard conditioner for smooth facial hair and detangle. 

-Size-27 fl oz(125g)                                   
-All natural                                                
-Scent-Lavender and eucalyptus             
- Travel-friendly because of great scent
- 100% all natural ingredients

- Softens the beards 
- Can be applied on hair, body, and beard 
 It's expensive 

 Grave Before Shave Beard shampoo is the best beard washer especially for those who possess the dry beard. The shampoo is highly enriched with Argon oil which keeps your hair moist as well as hydrated. It also contains citric acid which possesses an anti-inflammatory characteristic and glycerine, acting as an antiseptic.The product is mainly designed for facial hair but works perfectly on all types of hair.

Having the white and black type of packaging, you will probably understand that Grave Before Shave Beard washer is indeed hardcore. The shampoo is lighter blue and thinner with the fresh fragrance of Old time Barbershop. In fact, it's the best choice for washing beards and is easier to manage and use. Just wet your beard, apply the shampoo, and rinse using water. The washer leaves your skin soft and smooth 

-Size-6 oz                                                              
-Scent-mild masculine                                 
- Lathers easily                                                                      
- Mild Scent 
-Clean without causing harm to the beard
-Softens the skin 
-May not work for everyone especially those with sensitive skin

You wake up in the morning, and all you can feel is the itchy beard. How do you fix this immediately? Well, Zeus washer will take care of everything. The product is perfect for cleansing; it cleanses, smoothens, and reduces any face itch. 

Zeus beard shampoo is a mixture of high natural ingredients which include green tea, Dragon's blood, and chamomile. Dragon's blood is an ingredient derived from the tree and reduces irritation and inflammation of the skin cells. While Green tea removes any itch and dandruff because of having anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, Chamomile restores any lost strength and softness on the facial hair. 

The product comes in three different scents which include Sandalwood with light vanilla, verbena lime that freshens your face and also makes it look great, and finally, Vanilla rum that is creamy. The smell is always intense, but once you wash your face, it immediately disappears. 

-All natural ingredients                                    
- Size-8 oz                                                        
-Scent- 3scents       
-Strengthens the beard
-Contain natural ingredients
-Moisturizes the beard
-The product comes in three scents. Hence, one can select his or her favorite 
- May have strong smell but disappears once you rinse your beard with water.

This beard shampoo is all you require to control and maintain your beards. The washer contains Provitamin B5 which enhances hair softness as well as its elasticity. Lime removes any debris from the beards making them lustrous and healthy while Aloe soothes and smoothens the skin below the facial hair.

In fact, the extra- conditioning property assists to soften even the wildest beards by destroying frizz and maintaining the natural shine of the facial hair. To use this beard washer, first, wet your face and neck, put a small amount of the shampoo on your finger and apply it on your beards then rinse using water. The product is essential because it doesn't dry your beards. 

-Size-8 oz                                                        
- It's best for rough or coarse beards
-It easily removes beardruff
- It offers extra conditioning
-The product comes with chemical ingredients 

 This beard cleanser is mainly meant to clean facial hair as well as underlying skin, making it smooth, manageable, and soft. The product contains natural ingredients from different plants like Marigold flowers, Wild Cherry fruit, Jojoba, and Henna. Beardsley Ultra Beard shampoo also treats itch and unruly bristles, thus, leaving them healthy and fresh. 

The washer has a sweeter smell as compared to others. Therefore, it's okay if it happens to enter your mouth during the cleansing process. Also, the washer is light and fresh. Using Beardsley beard shampoo daily ensures that your follicles are well moisturized and nourished to stop any ingrown facial hair.As a result, it prevents the face from drying despite regular shaving. 

- Scent- sweeter smell     
-Softens the beard
-Can also be applied to other hairs 
-Possess a sweet scent 
-May contain chemical ingredients 

If your long beard contains dandruff and also itches, Spartans Den Premium shampoo is here with you. It consists of ingredients like Aloe vera that fights against allergies and also acts as an anti-inflammatory. The product also has coconut and rhea oil that immediately removes nasty flakes leaving your beard thicker and softer. 

The Beard washer has the musky scent that smells like cologne. Its easy to use with only single pump or two from the bottle. The unique step while using Spartans Den Premium Shampoo is to shake the bottle before applying it. From there, you follow the same procedure. 

- Cleans and softens the beards                                                                        
-It enhances the beard growth                                                                   
-Unique and pleasant smell                                                                     
- Improves thickness of the beards                                                                  
- Fights against beard nasty flakes 
-May not work for all people

All of the best shampoos above are capable of treating and cleaning your beards, as well as keeping your skin soft and smooth. The ingredients of these beard washers are all essential to your beard healthy and prevent inflammation. Regardless of the length of your beard or the sensitivity of the skin, these shampoos are excellent and produce the best results. 

Step by step guide on how to wash your beards 

The perfect way to clean your beard doesn't involve using the similar conditioner you use while washing your head. You require utilizing the beard shampoo so that you don't mess with the essential oils that keep your beard smooth and health. Here is how you should wash your beards 

cheek Shampoo  beard and scrub intensely to clean the underneath skin of your facial hair

Moisten the beard using water specifically from the shower because the humid air and warmth opens the pores below hair follicles 
Apply another small quantity of Beard shampoos to form the best lather or suds 

Using your fingertips, scrub the shampoo from the skin to the tips of beard hairs. Ensure that you're shifting beards in different directions. You can also wash aggressively using the new beard as this activates the hair follicles and enhances the best growth. Always use warm water that opens up the pores. Hot water only dries your skin, as well as slows down the growth of beard. 
Rinse your beards using water again while shifting them in different directions. Ensure there's no shampoo left in the hair. 
Dry the beards by slowly passing the clean towel throughout the entire area. 
Finally, apply your beard oil or balm, and comb it into your desired shape and style. Use the beard brush or comb that you can afford to purchase. They usually offer different services when maintaining and shaping your beards.
Maintaining a beard is no child's play. Yes, we mean it literally. If you, like many men out there, have decided to grow a beard and join the clubs of men, read on to learn more about maintaining your beard and why you should invest in a beard shampoo. If you are a veteran, read on nevertheless, as we answer a few of the questions that have been on every beard enthusiasts mind. 

What Exactly Is A Beard Shampoo?

A beard shampoo is exactly what you thought it was. It is a shampoo for your manly mane, specifically formulated to help you maintain a clean beard. What it isn’t is, it’s not a replacement for your other beard grooming products such as beard oil and beard balm which you have been using diligently to tame your beard.

A beard shampoo ( a well-formulated one) helps gently clean out the dirt and grime that gets caught up in your beard from your everyday exposure to the environment and does it without completely depleting your beards natural oil reserves, unlike a regular shampoo.

What’s The Difference Between A Beard Shampoo And A Hair Shampoo?

The difference is the function that both of them serve. 
While a hair shampoo is designed to clean your scalp, a beard shampoo is designed specifically with your skin in mind and is much gentler.

The ingredients of a hair shampoo usually contain some harsh chemicals, which while cleaning up your scalp, also removes the natural oils from it. This is the reason why your hair looks the way it does after shampooing it.

On the other hand, the ingredients used in a beard shampoo are much gentler in comparison. Therefore, using a good quality beard shampoo will help keep the natural oils intact and won’t leave you worrying about fuzzy beard after every wash.

Why Do You Need a Beard Shampoo?

The hair follicles on our skin are much susceptible to drying out than the ones on our head. Therefore it is advised to use a beard shampoo to clean your beard as it will help wash away the dead skin cells which have accumulated and help maintain the natural oil, keeping your hair follicles moisturized.

Plus, the natural ingredients found in a (good quality) beard shampoo will not harm your skin if not compliment it.

Can You Use A Regular Hair Shampoo For Your Beard Too?

Can you? 
Should you?
Absolutely not.
Although both of them have the word shampoo in it, they are each designed for a specific purpose.

Most of the time if you carefully read the labels, you will find that Hair shampoo has something called Paraben and a host of other unpronounceable chemicals in it which means that although you can use shampoo to clean your scalp. Using it to clean your beard will be harsh for your skin. 

What Are The Disadvantages Of Washing Beard With Hair Shampoos?

Like we mentioned earlier, using hair shampoo on your beard isn’t advised. But if you still insist on washing your beard with it, here are a few problems that you may face:
>Using hair shampoo will deplete your hair follicles of their natural oil reserves.
>Formation of dry itchy, flaky skin which may cause beard ruff.
>Dry facial hair.
>Hair-fall and split ends.
>Other skin problems such as acne caused by dry skin.

Why And How Often Should You Wash Your Beard?

There a variety of reasons which comes to mind when you think about why keeping a clean beard is important. Here are a few:

-A clean beard is a matter of pride and will help instill confidence in its owner.
-Washing your beard will remove dead skin flakes that cause beardruff.
-Beards are a magnet when it comes to dust, dirt, smells, and catching stray bits of food.

Your beard picks up mementos wherever you go. A day spent on the beach means it will pick up dust. Having a sandwich means catching stray breadcrumbs and if you are a smoker, you will end up smelling like a chimney, hours after your last cigarette. And the larger the beard is, the more of such particles it attracts.

So, how often should you wash your beard?

The answer is two to three times a week. Roughly, that means alternate days. While you might be tempted to wash your majestic beard every time you take a bath, you must refrain from doing so. This is because frequently washing your beard, no matter how great of a beard shampoo you use, will rid your beard of the natural oils we have talked about so often.

In short, you will end up with a frizzy dry unmanageable beard. Also, if you are someone who applies a lot of product to maintain your beard, washing it every day means you are losing money.

What Ingredients Should You Look For In A Beard Shampoo?

urrently, the market is full of beard care products from shampoos to oils and what not. This might be confusing for you if you are on your way to pick up a beard shampoo for the first time. One thing to keep in mind is that it isn’t always the case that the product with the highest price is the best in the market. Surprisingly, there are much cheaper and better alternatives available if you know where to look.
When you are buying your beard shampoo, look for the word �Paraben’ in the ingredient list. If you find it, skip that product.
Another thing that you should keep in mind is to look for a beard shampoo with lots of natural ingredients in it for example , Beeswax, Soy wax, Castor oil, Olive oil, Seaweed extract, Essential oils, etc. And skip the ones with hard to pronounce chemical names. 
Also, it never hurts to use a beard shampoo with conditioner in it.

If you are serious about maintaining a beard that is the topic of envy among your friends and co-workers, then the importance of choosing the right beard shampoo to add to your arsenal of beard care products cannot be stressed enough.
Also, following a full regimen that includes shampooing and ends with an application of beard oil and brushing will help maintain your beards health for long.