Top Reviews: 6 best single blade razor

January 11, 2018 2 Comments

Top Reviews: 6 best single blade razor
single blade razor

1. The Bluebeards Revenge Cutlass Double-Edge Safety razor

About the product and use of it: The Cutlass double-edged razor is the ultimate razor for that perfect morning shave, weighing 55gm and pocket-friendly with a length of 10cm. Its uniqueness is defined by the ��Bluebeards Revenge Logo’ etched on the laser, providing that classic look to your razor. Nevertheless, the thick gunmetal finish and the aluminum knurled handle has kept many eyes glued to it for its sophistication. The finish to your stubble would have never been as crisp and as precise before. The handle of the razor ensures you a smooth and easy gliding shave. The double-edged razor blades can be easily replaced and are readily available in supermarket giants or pharmacies or even, you can get them through online retailers. Currently, comes with a blue packaging, with product kept beneath the transparent packaging and comes with a little card inside providing their social media sort of campaigns. The razor has four parts: the handle, the bottom plate, the blade and the upper logo body, easily detachable and no-cut through. The groove-portion on the bottom plate beneath the blade ensures that the little hairs are easily washed away, maintaining hygiene at your best and a pleasant shaving experience.

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2.Feather All Stainless Steel Double-Edge Razor, Model AS-D2
About the product and use of it: This product is claimed to be the most beautiful and innovative razor in the world, crafted by the Japanese company ��Feather’. It’s an epitome of quality, design, and packaging and of course, luxury. These are amongst the highest quality and possibly the sharpest instrument that any shaver would love to encounter. Where the roots laid in 1904 remains intact to the design and quality, what have changed is the technology and modern precise craftsmanship of the all stainless steel feather razors. The quality packaging is as attractive as the product, nestled in black foam padding gives the fine presentation to it. The razor weighs 90 grams and is well-balanced in hand ensuring that weight is evenly distributed between the handle and the cutting head. The handle has a deep diamond knurling that provides a very secure grip for wet hands.
Noting the exception of this product is the significant smaller gap between the blade and safety bar, which provides a smoother contact with the skin at different angles, even at 45-degree angle. The razor cut provides a comfortable experience while shaving, however, is a bit expensive ranging from 220 to 260 dollars with a low availability at online stores even. A luxury item indeed!
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3.Jack Black Double Edge Safety Razor

About the product and use of it: The German-engineered hand crafted double edge safety razor provides a superior glide with less skin irritation and less cost than a multi-blade cartridge. A comfort to authentic wet shaving. An extended length handle for a better grip and custom-etched chrome accents that never dull or tarnish is an additive feature to the product. The packaging includes a pack of 100 personna double edge razor replacement blades. 

The product ��How to Use’ provides with the following brief note, before making initial contact with the skin, place the razor perpendicular to the face, allowing the curved top of the razor head to come in contact with the skin. Then slowly lower the razor handle to the proper 30-degree shaving angle. This will help prevent nicks and cuts upon initial contact. While shaving, focus on taking shorter, lighter strokes in the direction the whiskers grow.
No added pressure is needed when shaving with a double edge razor. The weight of the tool is ideal to properly remove whiskers without damaging the skin. Focus on reducing hair vs. removing hair with each stroke. This will allow for gentler pressure and less irritation. The price per razor is approx $125. 

4.Above the Tie Atlas S2 Open Comb Slant Bar Safety Razor

About the product and use of it: Atlas Slant Open Comb Safety Razor is hand crafted from solid 303 stainless steel in USA. The Atlas handle with the classic "Barber Pole" look is 3" long and weighs 56 grams. The Slant open comb head is a mid aggressive, yet mild, open comb razor with a .61 mm blade gap. The packaging here comes as an exclusive and fine ��Above the Tie’ black box. However, this a bit heavy razor can be your everyday driver. Priced at $185, it is ideal for various shapes to your beard with its sharp edge. However, market provides you with better all-the-round sharp and precise shave options.

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5.MÜHLE R41 Open Tooth Comb Double Edge Safety Razor 

About the product and use of it: This traditional look razor features quality chrome metalworking and an easy grip to handle. This German based product, having the more aggressive open comb design, will work well for many men who are trying to get their facial hair under control or perhaps who have coarse hair. It weighs around 67 grams and has a length of 3.7 inches. However, you need to be super-careful while using this sharp edged beautifully crafted razor to avoid any cuts. A two-piece razor where the cap is removed by twisting the knob of the base has a unique open tooth comb design. Packaged in a grey-coloured front transparent box, the product costs you $56. A good bargain indeed! 

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6.Merkur Futur Adjustable Safety Razor in Matt Chrome

About the product and use of it: This German made high quality, chrome plated matter finish is idle to provide you with a simple, smooth and minimalist look. The six different razor setting will help you adjust the blade exposure at your disposal. This adjustable razor can be adjusted by the handle from 1 to 6, 1 for minimal blade exposure and mild shave whereas 6 for a high blade exposure and an aggressive shave. Where the razor comes with a nice sleek and smooth finish, the adjustable cap is not recommended for beginners. It weighs around 4.4 ounces and is 4 inches long. This razor provides you with no knurling; however an indentation is present at the top of the handle. You need to be lot careful while adjusting the settings, placing the blade in position to avoid any cut to yourself. This beauty costs to you $68 and is a show to your dressing!

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Hope this article provides you with an insight of the best handpicked and handcrafted razors from around the globe for sheer perfection.


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