8.best Hair brush for men

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8.best Hair brush for men

Hairbrush for men With beautiful hair and the perfect styling, brushes, and combs are unthinkable. Not only are they important for unraveling hair, they also play a major role in the hair and scalp. When brushing hair, the circulation in the scalp is stimulated. This also promotes the supply of the hair roots with important nutrients. In addition, dead skin cells are removed during brushing and cornifications are released. But the daily brushing of the hair brings much more because the natural skin fat is transported into the hair lengths. However, using the wrong brush or comb can be damaging to the hair and scalp. Here are top hair brush for men.

1.Bass Brushes Classic Men’s Club Style

Bass Brushes is a classic styling brush that is ideal for smoothing and styling all hair types and lengths. In the test, she turns out to be an extremely versatile styling brush. The brush body consists of a single piece of plastic, a seam is only slightly visible on the side. The trademark of the hairbrush is the elongated, red, outwardly curved rubber cushion. It can be removed for cleaning. Of course, a small gap arises between the brush body and the rubber cushion. Even with quite wild movements in the hair, we are not able to pinch individual hairs in it. When testing we immediately notice the unusually hard nylon bristles. They are relatively thick, have no heads or nubs, but are rounded. Sharp burrs on the bristles we cannot recognize, but they feel compared to the bristles of detanglers.

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2.Boar Bristle Hair Brush Set for Women and Men

brushes are flat, usually oval or rectangular shaped hairbrushes with plastic bristles. Since the bristles are placed relatively far apart, the Boar Brush brush is especially suitable for sliding through long and strong, or curly hair.

The best use is to blow dry the hair: 
the Boar Brush hairbrush offers a large surface area, so you can hold a lot of hair together at one go and blow hair all over faster than with smaller brushes.

For styling the hair and to bring momentum into the hair tips or volume in the hair, a Boar Brush hairbrush but not really good. She can not grasp the hair so well because the hair rather glides through the bristles at long intervals. 
For styling and shaping the hair, you should therefore rather resort to a round brush.

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3.Arabella Oval Styling Brush

With its wide bristles and air-permeable head, the Arabella brush is ideal for blow-drying fine and fine hair. 
The skeleton brush usually has plastic bristles, which are closed at the ends by small balls. As a result, they are particularly gentle on the scalp and, like the detanglers, allow hair to be easily unraveled.

But the skeleton brush can do more!

-Combing with the skeleton brush against the grain, you quickly get a great volume. 

-If you work with the brush on the hairline, you get a great push-up effect.

-The brush is gentle to curls and perms. Because of the widely spaced bristles, the brush does not get caught so fast.

-Due to the high air permeability during blow-drying, the skeleton brush is ideal for styling and styling of the hairline and the pony.

The skeleton brush is, therefore, a real all-rounder, which is super easy to maintain. Since it is mostly made of plastic, it is very durable and robust and easy to clean.

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4.xtava 33mm Double Bristle Round Hair Brush

Due to its wide brush surface, xtava 33mm Double Bristle Round brush is best suited for long and straight hair. The large surface glides easily through the long hair and makes it supple. Gentle to your hair and scalp are models with rounded wooden bristles or those with rubber studs at the brush tip. The scalp is massaged very intensively. A nice side effect: The blow-dry with a paddle brush smoothes your mane at the same time and thus ensures the trendy sleek look.

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5.Conair Velvet Touch Vent Hair Brush

The main problem with very fine hair is that the body simply lacks. To build these, of course, you need Conair Velvet Touch Vent. Not unimportant is the use of a suitable brush. It is best to blow dry a special perforated volume brush, which is hollow inside. This allows warm air to flow through the cut-outs as it dries, adding spice to the hair. But always keep in mind that you never dry your hair too hot! If your fine hair stands out to you every now and again and is statically charged, usually also an ion-brush helps. Brushed briefly, the annoying flying hair is neutralized by the ion technology. If your fine hair is lackluster, a round brush with wild boar bristles can also help. It provides suppleness and wonderfully healthy shine even with sensitive hair.

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6.Vent Hair Brush Blow Dryer Brush

Ideal for short and fringey haircuts is the Vent Hair Brush Blow Dryer brushe. Thanks to its cut-outs, the brush lets the warm air flow directly onto the short hair, ensuring generous volume. Also suitable for fine and short hair are round brushes, which allow a voluminous styling. A great variant are the so-called ceramic brushes, which ensure ideal heat distribution and dry very gently.

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7.Conair Velvet Touch Paddle Hair Brush 

The paddle brush is a flat and angular styling helper. The bristles are usually made of plastic and allow easy passing of the hair. The brush is suitable for people who prefer to wear their hair smooth. The brush is used when blow-drying because the large work surface allows the hair to dry quickly and smoother at the same time. However, the brush is not suitable for optimum momentum in the tips or volumes. So if the hair is almost dry, you should use a brush for styling. Such brushes work better in the hair and thereby bring them into optimal shape.

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8.Kent - KFM3 Kent Hair Brush 

The Kent - KFM3 is better spread over the hair lengths and ensures that your hair looks really nice shiny and healthy. This round brushis very popular and also for you an optimal solution. Of course, you can combine them with other hairbrushes or get the all-purpose weapon under the hairbrushes right away.The bristles of a skeleton hairbrush, however, are quite far apart and provide the appropriate space for the voluminous curls. The air-permeable space between the bristles helps to dry your hair before blow-drying. Then you should use a hairbrush with natural hair for optimal hair care and a cool styling. This skeleton hair brush is currently best.

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Daily brushing or combing hair
The daily brushing or combing has several advantages:
The scalp is massaged. In addition to the well-being effect for yourself, massaging the scalp stimulates blood circulation. As a result, the hair roots are better supplied with nutrients, which promotes hair growth.

Furthermore, the sebum and fat of the scalp spread over the entire hair, which it covers with a protective layer and thus additionally protects the hair.

Too often and too long, the hair should not be combed so again, otherwise, it can lead to an increased sebum/fat production, which then leads to greasy hair.
Also, it may be that too frequent brushing break off the tips, which can often happen with very dry hair.

Dry hair properly

After washing the hair should not be blown too long and too hot, because this hair is very dry and the probability that it breaks, increases greatly.
It's best to freshen up and then let it dry in the air.

Another option is to wrap the hair in a towel after washing and let it dry gently and slowly.

When combing you should always wait until the hair has completely dried, as the hair is much more sensitive when wet.

Never blow-dry too hot or if straighteners/curling irons are used, set them to a low temperature. Too hot blow-drying or smoothing damages the hair very much.