Top 7 Best Beard Growth Oils for 2018

Top 7 Best Beard Growth Oils for 2018

Beard oils have been known to work wonders when it comes to maintaining a healthy and manly beard. The oils are important because they work by adding nutrients and vitamins to your hair, and skin, as well as in improving the growth of the beard. The best oils have been known to strengthen the beard by adding smoothness, and in certain instances leaving behind a refreshing scent to last you the whole day. The following is a list of the top beard oils for 2018. 

best 20 Kinds of Undercut Hairstyle for Men

best 20 Kinds of Undercut Hairstyle for Men

The undercut is one of the trending hairstyles today. The cut looks youthful and flexible which can go well with any type of hair. Whether it is the curly, wavy, or straight type, this hairstyle can integrate well to give you a stunning look. The main feature of this type of hairstyle is the sharp contrast between the shaved sides and the huge top. Undercut hairstyle can be mixed with other haircuts to produce the style of your choice. Below are all kinds of undercut hairstyle for men 

1. Disconnected Undercut:


This undercut hairstyle involves sudden break between the shaved sides and the long hair on top. You can emphasize this appearance by breaking between the two by shaving a line along disconnect. You will get a stunning look that can be great for males venturing into the fashion world.

20 Trendy Low Fade Haircut Ideas for 2018

20 Trendy Low Fade Haircut Ideas for 2018

It at times appear as though women have more fun choosing stylish hair colors and cuts compared to men. Fortunately, men today have many styles to choose from—all of which provide for great individualism. The styles available today, such as the low fade haircut, are not only trendy and artistic, but they also make the weekly trip to the stylist worthwhile. 

The low fade haircut can best be described as a lasting style that only gets better with time. Its origins can be traced back to its 80’s greatness, although it has undergone some changes over the years to produce the more hipster vibe being practiced today. But one thing is clear; the low fade haircut is not going anywhere anytime soon. The following are great low fade haircut ideas for 2018:

1. Low Haircut with a Tapered Fade: 


For men that have been blessed with extremely thick locks, this low fade haircut enables them to display the locks with a blowout achieved by scrubbing very moist hair during the drying process. If the hair is likely to frizz, you can pair the diffuser with a dryer.

2. Low Skin Fade:


Any hair type can successfully pull off this undercut—be it with waves or straight hair. Request your barber to cut your hair forward. This means that the finished look will show off the bottom engrossed style while framing your forehead.

3. Upper Top Tapered Low Fade:


Often described as a pompadour style, it looks great on all kinds of hair. Here, you need to brush your hair while it is still wet, and then finish off by using a holding gel. The fade will start immediately at your temples, blur your ear line and then start a descent towards your facial hair.

4. Coarse Upper Low Fade Haircut:


A fade cut needs to be sculpted very cautiously to ensure that it complements its wearer. For men who prefer to maintain long hair, they can easily be able to keep thick tufts while at the same time benefitting from faded sides in the region above their ear lines. This can be accompanied by a sculpted beard.

5. Neat Comb Over Fade: 


Haircuts that have been parted at the sides are simple to maintain, classy, and often pair well with a beard. For this kind of low fade haircut, you should ask the barber to style thin hair in the area between your temples. You may also need to acquire a holding gel to help you look good all day.

6. Low Neck Fade:

Low bald cuts do not necessarily signify an attempt to cover up balding in men. However, it means that all hair will be cleared away from the neck region. Consult with the barber on your desired cut before having a smooth shave at the back to accomplish a clean, and crisp look.

7. Burst Fade for Long Haired Men:


For men who prefer to maintain long hair, the low fade haircut will still be a great addition to the existing mane. When you maintain a long mane on your head, you can use the subtle side shave to connect the thick facial hair. The styling trick here will be to ensure the bottom remains tidy as the top is allowed to flow freely.

8. Simple Fade Cut:


You do not need to take your hair through drastic changes for it to look amazing. You can still be able to spruce up your image by opting for a simple short haircut accompanied by a basic shave. Request the stylist to give you a low fade haircut

9. Low Slanting Fade Haircut for Men with Curly Hair:


This is a great go-to fade for men with naturally curly hair. By engraving strong lines across this low taper fade, you will end up with a sharp cut and curl design.

10. Burst Fade with a Pompadour:


Why not flaunt full head of hair? A low shadowed fade cut will provide for a thriving average textured hair as long as it is paired with all the right styling products. You need to brush the hair back and use a light gel to secure it.

11. Low Fade to High Spike:

Spiked hair normally pairs up perfectly with a top to low fade cut. Beginning with thick, but small uneven layers, your hair starts a deep descent before becoming dark for a sculpted mustache and beard. Ensure you do not go overboard with the styling products.



Many, especially young men, want more beard growth. As a rule, the beard begins to grow with puberty . That is why the age differs from when the beard grows enormously. The beard begins sometime between 14 and 18 years, but this is not a must. Of course, the beard growth at this time is not complete and will continue to increase over the years. The older you get, the stronger is the beard growth, which is certainly responsible for hormones that rise over the years. If you are 20 years old and you do not have a full beard yet, then maybe nothing is lost and the hair growth is still developing. First of all, it becomes denser and there are more whiskers.

If there are areas on which the hair does not grow at all, these supplements will not change this state of affairs. There is no miracle cure that makes the beard grow faster and fuller. But there are many ways to do something about weak beard growth and to support beard growth. After all, full, beautiful beards are back in fashion. A well-groomed, beautiful beard looks quite masculine and distinctive. But if you have a weak beard growth, this is unfortunately problematic with the full beard growth. So what can you do? Here are the products to use:

If you're researching a solution to your beard growth problem, you'll come across this magic word again and again. Beard Grow XL is traded as a miracle weapon against hereditary hair loss and has been in vogue for men with thinning hair for a long time. There have been clinical studies investigating the efficacy of Beard Grow XL and achieving a moderate result: Beard Grow XL visibly improved hair growth in approximately 25% of all study participants. Unfortunately, you do not know if you belong to the happy district until you have tried Beard Grow XL.

How to apply Beard Grow XL correctly
The active ingredient Beard Grow XL is included in the most well-known regrowth agent Regaine, but also in other agents such as Alopexy. Since Regaine is the most widely used hair restorer with the most experience, I recommend you try it first. Beard Grow XL is available in tablet form or as a solution or foam, which is applied directly to the skin. You should rather keep your hands off the tablets, as these are prescribed as antihypertensives and act completely different than the hair restorer for applying!

You have to apply the solution daily - preferably in the evening - to the affected areas in your beard and let it react. Depending on the solution or foam, the application is slightly different, so please read the leaflet. For example, if you use Regaine Foam , you must not moisten your beard for at least four hours. In any case, you should not reach into your eyes or mouth with your fingers and wash your hands thoroughly after use.

If you can not see any visible improvement in your beard growth, you should give the remedy at least six months before you finalize it. It is best to take a picture of your beard every one or two weeks. So you can best estimate how well the beard restorer actually helps.

How expensive is the application?
If your beard growth is getting better and denser with Men's ROGAINE, you need to be aware that the effect is likely to fade away as soon as you put it back down. For your beard this means: Daily Men's ROGAINE for the rest of his beard life. Of course that's also a cost issue. 60 grams of Regaine foam will last about a month when used sparingly. So you have to calculate 20 to 30 euros per month for beard restorer - that's at least 240 to 360 euros a year . Whether you value the whole thing, you decide best by your photo comparison.

Advantages of Men's ROGAINE
Since Men's ROGAINE are only suitable for external use, any side effects are usually limited to the treated areas of the skin. It is possible - but not common! - that the affected areas of the skin become drier, begin to itch and irritated. In this case, it is best to stop using Men's ROGAINE and first consult your dermatologist. Also possible is the so-called "shedding effect", in which hair, which are no longer active, fail. This gives the impression that the beard restorer achieves the opposite effect: namely an increased hair loss. As a rule, this effect lasts only a few weeks and then passes into the improved, stronger hair growth. If the shedding effect is particularly pronounced on you.

3.Maxx Beard - #1 Facial Hair Solution:

For many people, Maxx Beard actually promotes stronger hair growth and improves the structure of the hair. But you should not expect that balding hair suddenly starts to grow in completely bald spots - this is unlikely with dietary supplements.

It has the effect of making the hair stronger to facilitate the size of the beard to which you can give the shape you want. Composed of quality elements , this product helps the good performance of the hair system and facilitates the growth. The hair is more silky and shiny. The general appearance of the beard is improved. The duration of a pot is about a month at the rate of three capsules per day (one with each meal).

The hair will grow in better health. It is densified. The hair follicles will be stimulated and will come out of their sleep. Hair growth will therefore be accelerated. It is different from other products offered since it is not icide capsules but a spray to apply directly on the beard area that you want to grow. It is ideal for areas where the hair is sparse because it allows to target a specific area. The bulb of the hair will then be impregnated by the product, which has the effect of making the product much more effective.

It is designed as the previous products, herbal. It is 100% natural. The beard is much more beautiful and regular. The spray will be sprayed at a reasonable distance from the face approximately 2 times a day. It is then necessary to massage the product to make it penetrate in the skin. The spray is applied on dry skin. The results are visible from the first month.

39 best man bun styles & You should know

best man bun styles & You should know

The man bun styles are slowly getting popular on red carpet events, runways, and even professional setups. 
More men are picking up the trend as days go by with some influence coming from celebrities like Brad Pitt 
and Jared Leto, who have been frequently spotted rocking this incredible hairstyle.

A man bun style is created by pulling hair into a pony and then looping it into a bun. It is a masculine twist on the female bun, with some men pulling the entire hair while others just the top. This style can be pulled according to one's preferences but most men prefer the bun on the nape or the crown. Since its popularity, it has developed many names, with some people calling it the hipster bun while others calling it the bro bun; some even refer to it as just the 'mun'.

For you to rock one of the incredible man bun styles, you need to have fairly long hair. If you have short hair, it will take you about 9 months of hair growth to reach a full bun, which is about 8 inches of hair. However, you could also rock a semi bun with just about 4 inches of hair pulled at the crown or nape. Caution should be taken while you are growing your hair for a man bun, as this style requires well-groomed hair that is aesthetically appealing. You need to be careful on the products you use, they should be compatible with your hair.

The man bun can be styled in many ways, you just need an elastic band and the rest is just up to your preferences. Here are the different types of man bun styles.

1. Long hair classic full bun.


This is the most iconic of all man bun styles. Its simplicity makes it the most sought-after man bun. All it needs is just for someone to grow long hair, preferably 8 or 9 inches, and then just pulling it at the top of the head or crown.

2. Simple man bun with a fade line up.

This is a very confident hairstyle. It is basically achieved by having the bun at the top of the head and shaving the sides. A blunt line up with a well groomed clean beard can be a perfect compliment to the hairstyle.

3. Long braids tied back with fade.


This man bun style portrays an artistic edge for the adventurous individuals. It is achieved by getting long braids and then tying them at the top of the head in a half ponytail bun with a neat and clean under shave all the way around. 

4. Thick man bun style with a lineup. 


Most of the mn bun styles go well with a beard and this is one of them. One needs to have dense hair to perfectly pull off this style. This is just like the long hair classic full bun but with dense hair and an undercut with clean straight lines. 

5. The casual man bun style. 


This is a rockstar-inspired style with an undercut which gives a refined look. The long hair and sloppy bun make the protruded hair lengths stand out. A long beard would magnify the level of interest in this style.

6. Wavy hair swirled bun. 


This style is mostly worn by busy men who do not have time for fancy haircuts. The hair is just pulled into a swirly bun and that's it. Although it may sound rugged, it can be rather sexy. 

7. High man bun with a design. 


This style is composed of a shaggy knot with a skin fade and a unique cut (design). There are a lot of barbers out there who are good at creating a design cut for you.